Convivio (Italian pronunciation: [koɱˈviːvjo]; The Banquet) is a play/ work written by Dante roughly between 1304 and 1307.

As we finish up our “Soft Open” – our menu will be slightly limited. But there is still plenty to enjoy in it’s current state! See below:

CONVIVIO’s locally sourced NC meats and fish are butchered in-house (by Giuseppe) and dry aged (Coming soon). Nobody else in the Triangle does this.

In addition to Paolo Gavazza’s signature dishes you have come to love…and the seasonal dishes throughout the year…the menu will evolve over time.

Salumi – Selection of Artisinal charcuterie, pickles, olives, senape and crostini.

Bruschette – Artisinal local bread, three different topping of the day.

Formaggi – different milk cheeses (goat, sheep and cow), local raw honey, fresh and dry fruit and crostini.

Misto – Assortment of charcuterie and cheeses (chef choice) with garnish and crostini.

Fagioli – Warm Cannellini beans, vinegar, exra virgin olive oil, red onion and black pepper.

Prosciutto and Melone – Local fresh melon, cured Parma ham and grissini bread.

Insalata – Seasonal and local organic mix salad, citrus vinaigrette and sea salt.

Caprese – Local frsh tomatoes, fiordilatte mozzarella, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Burrata – Fiordilatte mozzarella filled with fresh cream, arugula salad and extra virgin olive oil.

Pesce – Selection of cured and smoked fish, pickles, lemon wedges and crostini.

Bresaola – Thinly sliced cured beef, greens, shaved Reggiano cheese and oil and lemon dressing.

Coming soon Entrees such as Lasagna, Pasta dishes, Gratin Vegetables and Porchetta.

“Paolo’s Chef Table” – reserve Paolo’c special table for 6-8 guests and let him create a meal from his heart, that wil surely warm yours. Your taste buds and palate will be forever grateful.

We did not forget the Vino! Sommelier Giuseppe searches locally and worldwide for the best wines he can find for all tastes (and budgets). Organic, Natural and Bio-Dynamic Wines are his specialty.

We are not your typical Italian Restaurant.