Convivio Durham Italian Wine Bar

Convivio (Italian pronunciation: [koɱˈviːvjo]; The Banquet) is a play / work written by Dante roughly between 1304 and 1307. We think of it as “Gathering” or “Congregation”.  Accompanied by unparalleled servizio (service).

The Setting:

The inside greets you with warm colors and brick walls. The seating area just inside the door is where you might enjoy a Gelato or a Cappuccino.

To the right is the bar, built by our own 2 owners Chef Paolo and Sommelier Giuseppe. The bar seats 14, but we suggest getting here early on a Friday or Saturday.

Straight back is the giant serving table – again built by Paolo and Giuseppe. We use it to set up food for our servers, as well as the occasional buffet for holiday’s, weddings or corporate meetings.

To the left is a sectioned area with rocking chairs for relaxing with a glass of wine and some food. To the right are tables by the window to eat drink and be contento.

Coming Soon: The outside Terrazza for relaxing on those beautiful Carolina days and nights.

The Play:

It all begins with food.

CONVIVIO’s dry aged locally sourced NC meats and fish are the star (coming soon, this artisan craft takes time).

Prosciutto – Salami – Porchetta – Hand Carved Steaks and Chops are all coming soon “(we will sell no food before its time”). these will change the way you view food forever. 

Cheese Platters – Calabrian Chili Pepperoncini, Pickles and Olives. 

Honey, Fresh and dried fruits

Lasagna – Pane + olio d’oliva and the best that Italian Cuisine has to offer.

We did not forget the Vino. 

Our in-house sommelier Giuseppe searches locally and worldwide for the best wines he can find for all tastes (and budgets). We only serve: Natural, Organic & Bio-Dynamic wines (bye, bye hangover).

Our wines flavor comes from the soil, not from some corporate cellar. These wines are healthier and good for your body. Come taste and experience a whole new world of wines!

We are not your typical Restaurant. This is traditional Italian.

The Actors:

Paolo Gavazza – Executive Chef, Consultant, Chef Instructor and Alumni of Alma; the most prestigious culinary school in Italy. Paolo also just happened to work for a Michelin Star restaurant in Rome; Emilia Romana Ristorante Paolo Teverini (not to brag ). You might also know him from restaurant’s right here in the Triangle.

Giuseppe Cagnoni – Sommelier, Restaurateur and Master Butcher. Giuseppe has been in the food arena for over 20 years in the U.S.; his family for 3 generations in Italy. He has owned restaurants in Miami and San Francisco before settling in the Triangle.

Convivio has appeared on the following media outlets: